Let it go.

I used to be one of the most type A people I knew and, unfortunately, it got a little out of control. (So, for my friends and family who have ever wanted to punch me in the face….thanks for putting up with me.) I was the annoying roommate who changed the thermostat from 69 to 68.. because, of course, that would save us SO much money. I kept a daily calendar in my computer and blocked out individual slots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (I wish I was kidding). I wouldn’t let myself spontaneously go out to eat with friends on a Sunday night because I HAD to study for an exam that was on THURSDAY. Anyways, I thankfully realized recently that, not only were some of these habits completely ridiculous and uptight, but they were holding me back from living a balanced (let alone exciting) life.


After my surgery/diagnosis I reflected on some of these old habits and my perspective has changed entirely. I now find myself just letting the small things go. I’ve hit a reality check,
and realized that life could always be much worse. Whether it be letting my sister borrow my shoes the first time she asks and genuinely not caring, or randomly going to a winery with friends instead of studying for the GRE..I have simply learned to relax. We all have our own unique type A tendencies, and yours might not be as extreme as some of mine. But, the next time you’re stressed out, consider asking yourself this question…

Will this matter five years from now?

Most likely the answer will be no.

Relax.. If your sister ruins your shoes when she borrows them, I promise your life isn’t over (she can buy you another pair). Be flexible.. If an old friend asks to get lunch at 11:00am and you were just about to go grocery shopping, change your schedule and go enjoy a nice lunch. Let it go..If you’re sitting in traffic and some moron decides to cut you off, honk your horn, be angry for a minute, and consider the possibility that he’s having a really hard day. Imagine a world where everyone let the small things go… I bet it’d be a pretty happy place. Five years from now you probably won’t even remember the pair of shoes your sister ruined; however, chances are, you will remember that one lunch you had with that old friend from college.

Let’s all be like Elsa and just let it go (sorry.. had to).



  1. Debbie · March 14, 2016

    YOU ARE AMAZING! What you wrote is exactly what I needed to hear right now. Thank you!

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  2. Stephanie Maloney · March 14, 2016

    I finally realized how unimportant a completely clean house is. Now that I spend my free days with my little granddaughter and my parents I try to just enjoy them completely . There are times when things have to get done, but if it can wait … It does and I am ok with it some how more now than ever !!! My time with my parents and kids and granddaughter is so much more important. Love you guys!!!

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