Surviving vs. Living

One of the hardest things I’ve had to accept, is that my only true job for the next five months of my life is to survive. While that sounds super intense and a bit dramatic..its true. No one, besides myself, expects me to accomplish anything of substance during my treatment besides getting better. I’ll be the first to say that IT SUCKS. Although I’m trying to be as productive as possible, the fact that I don’t have the ability to truly LIVE is simply miserable.

There is a HUGE difference between surviving and living. It is very easy to get caught up in our routines and societies expectations for success. I am not saying that a drive for success is a bad thing at all. Without this drive, I would not be handling my situation very well. But, with the passion to succeed comesĀ a new responsibility. We have to remember to remove our blinders every once in a while to see the world in a new light.

We have been placed in this amazing world with endless possibilities, and you should never find yourself just settling for what works. Your only true responsibility in life is to live a HAPPY life. Instead of being content or comfortable… be obsessed and passionate about your lifestyle. If you had to write a paper about your life, make your life a novel and not a 10 page paper.

I hate to put it this way, but think about if what has happened to me happened to you tomorrow. Of course I would never wish this upon ANYONE. But, it may be helpful for you to realize that it is pretty easy to just survive in the life that we have. Instead, think about the type of life you could have if you reassessed, stepped out of your comfort zone, and took a risk to do what makes you happy. I can’t guarantee that you won’t hit bumps along the way, but it is better to experience diversity than to always wonder what could be.

Be passionate, be optimistic, and be obsessed with the life that you live.